50B Shampoo System, Black Porcelain Bowl

50B Shampoo System, Black Porcelain Bowl

MSRP $2,100.00
In Stock.
Item No:50B.C01

Paragon’s Backwash System is complete with tilt-adjust porcelain bowl, XB802 faucet fixture, atmospheric vacuum breaker, neck cushion, and stainless steel base with removable back panel.  Back cushion automatically pivots to lift and support the client’s lower back.  Seat cushions slide forward to redistribute seated weight. Plumbs to floor or wall.

§  Best seller in the industry

§  UPC listed product complies with up-to-date plumbing codes

§  Breeze through building/plumbing inspections

§  Tilt-adjust porcelain bowl accommodate different heights

§  Lumbar support lifts customers into the bowl 

§  Multiple points of adjustment alleviate neck strain 

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