Bravura Infrared Wall Mount
Bravura Infrared Wall Mount

Bravura Infrared Wall Mount

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Item No:E4000WM

The PARAGON E4000 Bravura Advanced Far-Infrared Color Processor embodies the newest technology, harnessing the power of quartz infrared.  Easy to control dials make operation a cinch.  Five independently controlled heat zones allow the operator to isolate the application area(s).  Available on floor stand with casters only.

  • Easy to operate yet highly versatile, Bravura features straight forward time, temperature, and infrared controls to cater to individual client conditions.
  • Independently controlled heat zone allows precise application of infrared heat to accelerate color processes.  The operator can choose to have all heat zones on or focus on particular areas, particularly useful in root touch-ups.
  • Large opening allows easy access in and out available in a floor stand with caster and wall mount.
  • Telescoping pole assembly for adjustments to varying seated customer heights.
  • Heavy-duty roller caster base is designed to provide a stable footprint and allow the dryer to be pulled up close to backs of salon seating.
  • Hood ID: 17"
  • Electrical: 120V, 900W, 7.5A

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